The processes of change and development compel us to examine the values that guided us until now and evaluate their contribution.

We will also appropriate additional values that will help us achieve our present and future goals while enjoying fulfillment and empowerment.

Dorit Ben Dor offers those she counsels a set of values on which she bases the journey she takes with them.
These values serve as directions along the journey and further on.

These values include:

Authenticity is the sense of understanding, acceptance and contentment in our personal and emotional reality.
The ability to realize and accept a reality that includes our "operation program" - our strengths, weaknesses and true vocation - is at the root of any evolution process and will guarantee its success.


Breaking loose from automatic behavior is the first step to success:
We often perceive automatic behavior as experience. However, automatic behavior (response to situations without conscious awareness) lands us with the same frustrating results.

Breaking loose from automatic behavior gives us an opportunity to examine each situation and consolidate a creative and effective way to respond.


Choice - Responsibility - Commitment:

When we are in familiar, well-known surroundings - our comfort zone,
we prefer and mistakenly believe we are choosing.
Unlike preference, choice is creation of something new, a change,
and to generate it we have to leave our comfort zone.

Vision is always outside our comfort zone.
If we give meaning to our vision, if we agree to release our habits and
let go of the automatic responses that direct our lives, we will start
to leave our comfort zone and face the prospect of change.

Learning to identify our alternatives, assume responsibility for our choices and commit to them can turn the change into a progress towards the vision.


Consciousness of Wealth and Abundance:
Wealth consciousness is an awareness and appreciation of what we have - it allows us to perceive our lives as the glass half full.

Defining and trusting our capabilities and the tools we acquire will enhance our development process.
Consciousness of wealth and abundance is a starting point for a life of fulfillment and growth. 

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