The Tools and the Way


Development and empowerment lead us to taking the right path.
We begin with targeting the goal most suitable for us, analyzing the present situation and its challenges, then acquiring the proper tools and values to reach these goals.

Once we have achieved them, we create the tools to preserve them.

Dorit Ben Dor applies the methodology she developed and used during her business career.

Integrating a variety of tools enables her to provide individual and group counseling targeting personal development and long-term changes.

The methodology Dorit offers includes:
   Fast, precise and comprehensive analysis of the current situation and of the challenges

     that prevent reaching the desired goals.
   Empathy - the ability to determine a person's state of mind through sensitivity, care,

     acceptance and to deliver the message effectively.

   Providing practical tools and guidance at each step of the way while adapting to

     changing circumstances and being committed to the person seeking. 

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