Personal Guidance

Personal processes are motivated by the need for change, development and empowerment making them extremely significant to our lives.

Dorit Ben Dor specializes in identifying these processes by virtue of her unique capabilities, the methodology and practical tools she developed, and most of all thanks to her commitment to the process.


The guidance Dorit offers includes:
•    Fast, precise and comprehensive analysis of the current situation and of the
     challenges that prevent reaching the desired goals. 
•    Empathy - the ability to determine a person's state of mind through sensitivity,
     care, acceptance and to deliver the message effectively. 
•    Additional insights and possibilities creating an evolving process towards
     making the right choice.
•    Practical tools and guidance at each step of the way while adapting to

     changing circumstances and being committed to the person seeking.

This process enables making decisions and choices based on our real needs and aspirations and not in response to circumstances.

The process provides tools that help practice and assimilate the new choice.

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