Zion Ohev Zion, CEO at A.Z. Marketing and Businessman: 

“Dorit had been my general advisor as well as my advisor in all business activities, such as guiding my marketing processes, land and building acquisitions, mergers, and choosing employees and managers. 
During the course of her guidance, I discovered that Dorit had an interesting and special approach which helped me in my own personal development as well as in the management of my business, in the most precise and advantageous manner”. 


Rina Kogan, Company Auditor: 
"I got the keys to all the closed doors in my consciousness; even to doors I didn't know existed…"


Moshe Ostrover, Attorney:
“Dorit is blessed with very precise diagnostic and analytic capabilities the likes of which I have never seen, which are of indescribable economic value and offer an incredible asset to any senior manager or other person wishing to lead their company to higher values and to compete in the company’s market in the most correct, efficient manner. The tools Dorit has are the wheels that drive the momentum needed in order to create strong companies”. 


Zoya Draluk, System Analyst:
“In my meetings with Dorit, I received the strength and courage to apply my real desires. 
It happened like magic: in a process that did not take long I understood what was stopping me and where my blocks were. I am grateful to Dorit for her contribution to my path.
Warmly recommended for anyone who is seeking a “view from above” of the riddle of his life in order to improve his choices."



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